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Independent Study

Short-Term Independent Study

Independent Studies is an alternate to a regular classroom program of instruction for students out of school 5 or more consecutive days (a maximum of 10 days) for non-illness related reasons.

Advance notice is critical since it requires time for teachers to prepare and process a plan unique to the student. If you happen to know sooner if your student needs Independent Study, please contact attendance clerk. A minimum of 3 days advance notice is required to process the Independent Studies request.

To request independent study, contact Carol Muhn at (408) 226-1886 ext. 304208. If Carol Muhn is unavailable, the office or attendance clerk can provide the Independent Study form. The attendance clerk can be reached at (408) 226-1886 ext. 304207 for further questions.


  1. Get Independent Studies Form from Attendance Clerk or Front Office
  2. Parent and student signature required on form
  3. Carol Muhn processes request
  4. Student receives homework package a day prior to leaving on Independent Study from Carol Muhn
  5. On first day back, student returns homework package to Carol Muhn not to the teachers
  6. Once a work is turned in, the attendance clerk will update the attendance record reflecting the completion of the Independent Study.


1) Return work from Independent Study to Carol Muhn at the front office.

If work has been completed, then attendance will reflect the absence as an excused absence.

Virtual Learning Academy

VIrtual Learning Academy is an established, alternative instructional program through which all enrolled pupils in grades TK-8 may achieve curriculum objectives in a setting other than the regular classroom. Independent Study gives parents the opportunity to teach their children at home with support from a supervising, credentialed teacher. This program offers monthly Class Days and Field Trips to build a vibrant community of learners of all age groups. These are standards based and designed to enrich the curriculum for all students.

The Long Term Independent Study Travel Program offers families an alternative to fully withdrawing from school when travel is longer than 10 school days.

This choice program moves traveling students from their local school site to OGSD Independent Study Program, and places each student on a contract to complete all assigned school work while away from the local area.

This request should be made through the school secretary and by calling the Independent Study Office at (408) 225-5675 X 312241. If you would like to find out more information about the Oak Grove Virtual Learning Academy, click on the following link: Virtual Learning Academy