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REACH PRESENTATION - MAY 23, 2018 at Davis Intermediate School 
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 2018 / Time: 6 to 7:15 pm
Facilitated by Momentum for Mental Health’s REACH program
Location: Davis Intermediate School 5035 Edenview Dr. San Jose, California 95111 (408) 227-0616
REACH will be doing a presentation to parents about Mental Health Awareness on May 23rd at Davis. We are inviting all 6th, 7th, and 8th grade parents. Please help us get the word out. Attached are flyers in Spanish, English, and Vietnamese. Interpreters will be available.
REACH estará haciendo presentaciones sobre la Prevención de la Salud Mental, el 23 de mayo en la escuela Davis. Estamos invitando a los padres de familia de los alumnos de 6o., 7o. y 8o. grado. Por favor, ayúdenos a compartir la información. Adjunto están los volantes en inglés, español y vietnamita.
Topic: What Parents Should Know about Social, Emotional and Mental Health for Your Child’s Wellness Gain valuable knowledge, wellness strategies and parent support
 Why Mental Health and Physical Health are equally important!
 What are typical child/teen behaviors and issues, versus what are more serious?
 Why getting support early is so important!
 What can a parent say or do to help? What is my role as a parent?
 What resources are available and how do I get support?
Stress and poor health can affect your child’s success! When issues are not addressed quickly, they can lead to difficulties with academics, social interactions, self-care and their ability to achieve goals.

About REACH: Raising Early Awareness and Creating Hope (REACH) serves youth ages 10 to 25 who are either showing early signs or have recently been diagnosed with a psychosis. In addition, REACH aims to raise awareness and understanding of mental illness within the community while offering culturally competent and evidence-informed treatment to underserved youth and their families. REACH is a collaborative partnership program between Momentum and Starlight Community services which offers: psycho-education for the community, phone and in-person consultations, multi-disciplinary assessments, outreach to schools, individual and family counseling, crisis management, medication management, occupational therapy, supported education and employment, and family advocated and peer mentor support.
Summer Bridge Program

Oak Grove High School will be offering Common Core Math 1 and Summer Bridge to our incoming freshmen.


Common Core 1: designated for students who are in your regular 8th-grade common core math class

Summer Bridge: designated for students who need the extra support with math.

Note: Students who are currently enrolled in your compacted math 8 will be placed in Common Core Math 2 if they pass Common Core Math 1 in summer school.